Kids Sports News Network

Our History

In 1998 Jay and Micah Giles decided to create a DVD production that resembled a “sports news broadcast” of their children’s sports activities and the Kids Sports News Network was born.  As an award winning publisher of several magazines, including Image, Fathers Inc., and Building Standards, Jay was able to harness his creative flare and journalistic skills to bring to life the story about his children’s challenges and triumphs in their athletic pursuits.  Micah, a UCLA graduate and Merrill Lynch Executive, established a business model that had never before been tried as they decided to produce the network onto DVD.

During the first 4 years that the KSNN product was available, organizations from Florida to California marveled at the degree of professionalism and quality that had been created for each product.  Frequently, recipients of the product would inquire; “Where was this aired?” “What station was that on?”  The Network employed professional anchors, camerapersons, editors, motion graphics artists and others to bring to life the family stories and history of youth athletes.  Former anchors such as Brien Blakely, Patty Jenkins, Sibila Vargas, and David Osokow after being discovered by KSNN, have gone on to work with major networks like FOX, CBS, ESPN or have become award winning film directors and writers.

Game coverage was presented as if to air for a nightly newscast.  Players, parents, grandparents and coaches were interviewed or given a press conference as if they were the next great sports sensations.

The next logical step was obvious…KSNN the cable channel, which launched in August 2005.

With 24-hour channels paying homage to the weather, food, golf and every other possible interest, the time for the nations’ first 24-hour sports channel devoted to the interest of the youth athlete had come. It was discovered, soon afterwards, by Adelphia Cable, KHIZ and Cox that there was an unfulfilled need for content that provided the youth sports market with valuable information on topics such as training, health, safety, products and recruitment.

KSNN committed to fulfilling that need by researching and collaborating with a number of the leading youth sports organizations, i.e. Triple Crown Sports, Surf Cup Soccer Tournaments, Amateur Athletic Union, to ascertain how best to deliver programming to their audience. Feedback resulted in a broadcast product that has been aired on national cable (Time Warner), satellite (Dish Network) and regional networks (Fox Sports West).

We are continuing to build strong relationships with many leagues and organizations all over the U.S.  These organizations are extremely excited to have this new, unique, and dynamic network tailored to their individual players and athletic activities.

KSNN has now moved to the internet and is starting on its next great adventure by creating a website where all youth athletes can have their very own sports page featuring articles about them and their accomplishments on and off the field. Because this website will look and act like a real newspaper/magazine these youth athletes will have the opportunity to gain sponsors to feature on their page, which helps them pay for the many expenses related to youth sports. This platform will serve as the voice for the youth athlete.

The Kids Sports News Network is here…!!

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