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Athlete Meets Artist

Professional dancer Misty Copeland and football player Sean James reflect on the discipline and dedication required as a professional athlete in their video “Athlete Meets Artist” directed by Richard Corman. Misty Copeland made history by becoming the third African-American female soloist, being the first in twenty years at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Copeland also got her start in dance through the local Boys & Girls Club where she lived in Los Angeles.

Sean James Student Athletes Foundation “Misty Copeland” on Vimeo.

Sean James was a two-sport athlete at Missouri Southern State.  He is now using his experience in high school, college and professional sports to help young student athletes realize their full potential. Recently, Sean James also founded the Be In The Know About Bullying organization. Leading by example, James proves that education is a life-long process. Twenty years after receiving his bachelor’s degree and a professional career in sports, James earned his MBA from George Washington University.

In 2007, James created Sean James Student Athletes Foundation providing scholarships to students ages 8-14 in the Boys & Girls Clubs and Public Schools in Kansas, NYC and schools throughout the country. These scholarships provide youth with the opportunity to attend sports and creative arts camps, interact with peers of different backgrounds, expose them to new experiences, and foster personal growth. The primary mission of SJSA is to help youth appreciate the importance and strive to maintain academic, athletic and artistic success. Contribute to their cause by purchasing a SJSA bracelet or t-shirt.

The motto written on the SJSA shirt reads: Artist Intellect Athlete. Sean James asked Misty Copeland to speak on the intellect and character that it takes for youth athletes to make it to the top of their game and achieve success in the athletic and artistic arena. Copeland says: “It takes a certain type of person to be in a field like this….I have seen so many talented dancers almost get into the company or get into the company and then just not have what it takes to really make it all the way.” An artist or an athlete needs to be prepared to give everything to their field. More than that, education is so important. She goes on to speak about “training myself in every way I can and learning everything there is to know about my field.” This video not only inspires but visually speaks to the dance steps in the football moves and the athleticism in the dancing.

Athlete Meets Artist


Author: Melanie Carbine

Melanie Carbine has degrees in English Literature and Math Education from the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. She has lived in various parts of the world including Micronesia and the United States.  She currently writes for several education blogs, vlogs about her travels, and teaches middle school in the DC Metro Area.


  1. Mikayla Graham

    October 9, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    It is good that he wants young athletes to see their full potential by getting an education

    • Simmi Nirula

      October 9, 2014 at 7:31 pm

      I agree. It is super cool that students age EIGHT can get scholarships into good dance schools or athletic programs.

      • Mikayla Graham

        October 9, 2014 at 7:43 pm

        I know

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