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California Ladyhawks History and Highlights

For the last 15 years, the Ladyhawks have been going strong. Established in the 1980s, the team was originally recreational. When the league folded in 1999, Ladyhawks President and 18U manager Jose Quezada made the decision to take his then-current team and go travel. He was inspired by the love of the game and to make a difference in today’s youth. He recently took an assistant position at Pasadena City College, but like his own coaching philosophy he continues with 110% dedication to the Ladyhawks.

Every coach remembers their first championship, but for President Quezada it was winning the 2008 USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) nationals in Colorado and his 1st D1 signee. For 18U Coach Carlos Gonzalez, that championship was in New Mexico winning the tournament ring. For 14U Coaches Mario Chicon and Nolan Piralta, that defining championship was a remarkable comeback. Peralta also said of his first championship as a Ladyhawk: “We were the lowest seed in pool and came back to win it all.” Coach Mario Chicon added that they had lost the first three games in pool play before they won that tournament. 18U Coach Rich St.Angelo shared a similar story playing for the Triple Crown State Championship playing D1 and D2 players: “We had never beaten them and we had lost three times in championship games. We were losing 2 to 1 going to our last at bats, and we scored two runs winning 3-2.” Awesome!

The Ladyhawks are playing stronger than ever. This past year, the Ladyhawks came out Champs Handford out of Satool Blowout and merged up. They finished in 4th place at the annual big event in Las Cruces, New Mexico. And, they placed 1st in the National Softball Association World Series in Henderson, Nevada. The team has continued to see seniors sign college scholarships and to sign more athletes in the early time frame. Their coaches note the teams’ improvement in playing better as a team as well as playing competitively.

This year’s rising talent:

Rising Talent


#3 Anais “Ani” Sustayta (Ladyhawks 18U) hustles with speed, determination and heart. Her coaches remark on her excellent attitude on and off the field. Playing short stop, she takes pride in her double plays. She enjoys studying anatomy and physiology. Her top college pick is Pasadena City College.

#27 Jackie Aguilar (Ladyhawks 18U) is a power hitter and plays 2nd base, short stop and 3rd base. She hopes to attend Mayville State University.

#10 Dani Dominguez (Ladyhawks 14U) is “super friendly,” says President Jose Quezada, and “the future of our organization.” She prides herself on her earned run average. She hopes to attend California State University, Long Beach.

#5 Anyssa Aguilar (Ladyhawks 14U) has been noted for her “raw talent.” Going by the nickname “Grasshopper,” Anyssa plays center-field and catcher. Her favorite subject in school is math and her top college pick is Florida University.

All of these young women have commented that their sports experience with the Ladyhawks has been unbelievable, fun, and inspiring. We expect to see them do great thinks on and off the field.


Author: Melanie Carbine

Melanie Carbine currently writes for several education blogs, vlogs about her travels, and teaches middle school in the DC Metro Area.

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