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My Awesome Empire, a production of California State University, San Bernandino, featured KSNN this past week.  Listen to the podcast here.  The second half of the podcast looks more at the beginnings of KSNN when Micah and Jay started making videos and interviews of their own children and their teammates.  The story of the two journalist-entrepreneur Ontario parents who started making fun videos of their kids baseball games and ended up as the CEOs of The Kids Sports News Network. The real driving question behind KSNN remains to this day: What is the story behind the individual?  What is the road that got you to this place?

Listen to it live this week:

On FM Radio: 91.9 KVCR Mondays at 7pm and Saturdays at 4pm

On AM Radio: KCAA 1050 AM Satrudays at 5pm and KMET Smart Talk 1490 Saturdays at 11:30am

On Internet Radio: Coyote Radio ( Wednesdays at 11am and Satruday at 6pm Saturday at 4pm and Wednesday at 11am

If you missed it live, listen to the Podcast online anytime and under “Saturday.”  Or, download  the Podcast: My Awesome Empire on KCAA Sat, Sep 20, 2014 .


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