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U.S. Youth Soccer Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup

Wrapping up this summer’s U.S. Youth Soccer Presidents Cup, Region IV dominated with an impressive seven titles. Regional qualifiers for Region I took place May 24-26 for the East Division teams, and Regions II-IV qualified in events taking place June 12-15. These qualifiers determined the 40 U.S. Youth Soccer Girls and Boys teams from age groups Under-13 through Under-17 that competed teams across the country for a national title.

This is a separate series of events from the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series. The Presidents Cup provides another progressive, competitive experience to youth soccer players who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a series of state to regional to national games. It is designed for teams that seek additional challenges to play for a national title against teams of similar abilities. Teams have been competing, since 1986, against high level teams across the country for the Presidents Cup.

On July 13, 2014, after four days of play in Greenville, SC, the 2014 U.S. Youth Soccer Presidents Cup was awarded to the following champion teams. With six teams representing Pennsylvania and one team each from New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Virginia, Region I failed to take home any titles this year. Texas also had six teams snagging them at least one champion title leaving Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida to try again next year. Alberto Galindo scored a nice hat trick helping U13 Boys Barcelona Texas Carrasco win 4-2. While Indiana, Kansas and Missouri all competed, Illinois was the big contender, with six teams. Both Illinois and Ohio claimed champion titles this year. U16 Girls Classic Eagles Black 97/98, from Ohio, also did not lose a single match winning the U16 Girls crown. And, with a more even distribution in Region IV, California had 4 teams, Nevada and Alaska had two teams each, Utah and Washington also each had a team competing. U13 Girls Eagles White, from California, went undefeated for the entire tournament earning them the National Presidents Cup crown. Each state in Region IV that competed in the Nationals claimed at least one title each.  Archived reports from the tournament are available at

Congratulations to all the Champion Teams for all their achievements this year!

2014 Presidents Cup Finals
Find the complete scores and highlights here.


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