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Stressed about where your child should play their sports?  As parents, we will make many decisions on behalf of our children, throughout the course of their lives.  Many decisions good or bad will have a lasting effect that will shape how children think, act, mature and how they relate to others for the rest of their lives.  Thankfully youth sports give us the opportunity to be intentional with the growth and development of our children both in recreational and competitive settings.  Unfortunately, the mishandling of the task at hand could potentially cripple growth, promote selfishness and suck your family of its resources.  This is why youth sports organizations like Upwards Sports and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) should be considered in discussions you have pertaining to where your kids are going to play sports. For parents with younger kids Upwards Sports is a viable option if you live in one of the 48 states where Upwards has a presence.   In less than 20 years, Upwards has established itself as a reputable non-profit organization that partners with churches all over the world to launch sports leagues for kids ages 5-13.  Originating out of South Carolina, Upwards Sports founder Caz McCaslin has successfully implemented his vision of connecting children and parents to the gospel using sports as the primary platform.  By promoting values such as a teamwork, leadership and respect ahead of winning, and individual player performance, Upwards has provided a non-threatening environment for families to allow their kids to be introduced to various sports including: flag football, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading.  To add to an already successful model, Upwards has introduced Upwards Stars, a series of developmental leagues that offer specialized coaching not only in sports that students want to pursue at the collegiate level, but in character lessons that equip players in how to develop their off the field strengths.  In just a short amount of time Upwards Stars has fielded several competitive teams on the national level while producing over 60 athletes that have received offers to play sports collegiately.  Find a league with Upwards Sports: Youth Program.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————- Author: Desmond Boodram

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