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The Amateur Athletic Union is one of the largest non-profit volunteer sports organizations in the United States.  Different from Upwards Sports in options and model, AAU has moderately different results even if the end goal from an athletic perspective is similar.  The AAU has been around for over 125 years and partnered originally with the Olympics, but has since partnered with Disney, further capitalizing on their ability to gain resources.  With everything from basketball to diving to Tae Kwon Do, AAU events have over 500,000 participants and over 50,000 volunteers.  The AAU is far more sanctioned than Upwards and is divided into districts with each district determining which events annually they will participate in.  There are far more sports to choose from, and families who choose to go the AAU route can expect to pay significantly more to play on a travel team.  Headquartered in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, AAU facilities are second to none and drawing other AAU teams to compete in national events from all over the country is not difficult.  Learn more about AAU.

Don’t let yet more options further overwhelm you if you are in the process of deciding what steps to take next with your child’s athletic career.  Instead, research these fine choices for yourself, and examine what your child’s primary motivations are for playing sports.  It may turn out the local rec league or travel team is a better fit you.  At the very least you can capitalize on this opportunity to sit down with your family and make a decision on not only what works best for your child, but your family as well.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————-Author: Desmond Boodram


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