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The Ultimate Tennis Player

What it takes to become the ultimate tennis player


Today, on the news, we hear of the renowned tennis stars such as Novak Djokovic and Rafeal Nadal. We watch them play; the way their feet flash across the court, that little flick of the wrist which produces stunning topspin, that determined spark of concentration in their eyes; and yet we wonder: What does it take to be like them? Professional training? A couple hundred dollar racquets?  Being super athletic?

The answer lies not in money nor athleticism; it begins, like with any other sport, with the passion and desire. Without desire, it is impossible to succeed. Without passion, it is impossible to endure. On the other hand, with passion, one can soar for the stars, provided he or she has the willpower and the mindset. While wealth and professional training would certainly be beneficial, they are not necessary to become the best. Let us take the prime examples of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova: if wealth was necessary, they never would have made it, talk about becoming the number 1 seeds in the world. They were born from financially restricted families but with a burning passion and desire for tennis. The William Sisters grew up on the cracked public courts of California. They were taught by their own father, who had no experience aside from perusing videos and learning those who played at a more advanced level.  And kindling that desire, they each rose to the top, inspiring many other young athletes to do the same.

Yet one might ask, what is desire? Desire is the willpower and belief that no one can stop you from reaching your goals. For instance, anyone can say, “I want to be number 1 in the world,” yet very few are willing to pay the price of sacrificing their other interests to focus solely on tennis.

After desire, practice and developing the mental strength to play is your next priority. Tennis is one of the most mentally demanding and challenging among all sports. Training and harnessing this mental endurance and strength is an invaluable factor in deciding the victor of a tennis match. This involves being able to move on to the next point without focusing on the last blunder or mishit. When you are a set down or serving at 4-5 in the deciding set, this “moving on” mindset will ultimately prove to be the most significant. As Craig Townsend stated, “The mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited.”

Finally, all the other significant factors follow: shot selection, serves, your game style, muscular strength and endurance, and even money comes to play a role, albeit a very small one. But if you are an aspiring tennis player, you must believe. There is always a chance that your dream can come true. As Novak Djokovic, a current World Number 2, stated, “Belief is the most common word to me, even more than hope. For one to achieve his dreams, he needs to truly believe in them.”


Author: Kyle Zhu


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